CFO Strategy Services

Insights and advice to drive positive change for your finance function

CFOs constantly look at their business and consider major operational, financial and service delivery shifts within the organization. Establishing a vision and plan to transform the future of your finance organization is critical to driving long-term organization success.

A multitude of options are often on the table, from centralizing, decentralizing, regionalizing and outsourcing key functions within the finance department to moving to a shared service model. However, as these decisions come with a change in risk, independent and objective advice is often a key factor in effectively managing and weighing risk against the financial and nonfinancial benefits of strategic change.

Change is often difficult for organizations, but it is a necessary mechanism for growth and allows companies to take advantage of strategic opportunities and adjust to economic factors. Companies come to RSM Canada for help when evaluating the merits of potential operational changes, including:

  • Lowering costs to become more operationally efficient
  • Providing better service to customers on an on-demand basis
  • Making adjustments to the application architecture to provide necessary data and automation in a timely manner
  • Freeing up working capital to move to other areas of the business
  • Aligning internal personnel to manage the business

The experienced RSM Canada team provides you with the insights and advice to make strategic decisions that transform your finance operating model. We help you assign a business case and a risk profile to help make calculated decisions and estimate the impact on the organization as the organization connects its strategy with its vision.

Business continuity is a key consideration, because you do not want to put a significant amount of effort into transforming a business process, and then suffer an interruption.

The RSM Canada team has a proven history of providing effective CFO strategy and advice. From our leaders down to our management and execution teams, our consultants possess decades of experience across a variety of industries and company sizes. We combine best-practice job aids and tool kits with the right mix of people to create an approach that leads to positive change within your finance environment.

Most importantly, we have a unique understanding of your industry and the headwinds it faces. We have dedicated industry teams that differentiate between leading practices and leading industry practices. Our team knows the unique industry angles that you can take to develop a competitive advantage.

Building a successful business strategy requires timely, effective decision-making. We help you pull the critical and applicable information together necessary as you search for answers to help direct your critical business initiatives. 

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