Bill 198: Sarbanes-Oxley Outsourcing

A proactive, customized approach to meet your C-SOX and U.S. SOX compliance demands

Canadian Bill 198 (C-SOX) and U.S Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliance continues to put pressure on financial reporting, IT and related compliance functions. Ever-evolving regulatory demands and strategies all contribute to the complexity—and expense—of C-SOX/SOX compliance. Despite these challenges, organizations can get ahead of SOX compliance by formulating a risk-based method to drive down costs, enhance effectiveness and provide additional value.

RSM’s C-SOX/SOX-managed services allow your organization to tackle C-SOX/SOX compliance and extract value from the function. Our outsourcing services lift the burden from your internal staff and allow us to not only identify financial reporting risks, but develop the most efficient way to mitigate them.

Our experienced team works directly with your leadership team to fully conceptualize the best approach to transforming your compliance function, utilizing innovative tools and analytics as well as cutting-edge automation solutions. Ultimately, we provide a completely customized approach that meets your specific C-SOX/SOX compliance needs.

RSM’s SOX managed services include:

RSM Internal Audit Outsourcing Managed Services

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