Auditor Assistant: Internal audit software

Monitor your follow-up issues seamlessly

Auditor Assistant’s enhanced functionality helps you ensure agreed-upon action plans are effectively implemented and easily provides status updates to management. Auditor Assistant enables your organization to:

  • Track the status of outstanding issues and resolutions regardless of source in one central, easily accessible location
  • Import external audit issues quickly and easily with standardized templates
  • Implement customized controls to restrict access and securely enable responsible managers to provide accurate status and documentation updates
  • Deliver timely and efficient email issue updates to follow-up auditors and responsible managers

Auditor Assistant functionality provides:

Issue tracking and remediation

  • Centralize all audit findings from completed audits and entity-level risk assessments into one repository to more easily track issue resolution
  • Seamlessly track external issues from external auditors, regulators, etc.

Responsible manager access

  • Restrict access to issues based on client-defined security requirements
  • Provide updates on the status of the responsible managers’ action plans, and provide additional issue information, request issue extensions and request issue closure via the issue tracking web interface

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Summary email notifications

  • Provide follow-up auditors with email updates when responsible managers submit issue updates
  • Deliver email notifications to follow-up auditors and responsible managers with summary of upcoming and past-due issues on defined intervals (e.g., monthly)
  • Initiate audit plan from planning wizard or import via Microsoft Excel

RSM’s Auditor Assistant internal auditing software can help you increase productivity, efficiency and standardization throughout your audit process.