Auditor assistant: Internal audit software

Communicate audit results with ease

The Auditor Assistant platform increases your efficiency, streamlining your efforts to provide timely workpaper status, audit findings and audit committee reports. Auditor Assistant enables your organization to:

  • Tailor your reports and fulfill organizational requirements with customizable templates and flexible ad hoc reporting
  • Generate timely and concise reports, based on real-time visibility of data with an intuitive user interface
  • Lock down your information by providing read-only access of audit engagement results to external auditors and regulators
  • Provide complete workpapers in PDF format for a convenient and practical package for distribution to external auditors, regulators, etc.

Auditor Assistant functionality provides:

Audit Data for external distribution

  • Provide audit results to external auditors, regulators, etc.
  • Extract workpapers to a specified directory (with attachments)
  • Create folder structures to match engagement sections
  • Build an HTML workpaper index to allow access to extracted workpapers

Ad hoc reporting

  • Define and generate data reports via Excel through the reporting module
  • Generate reports to table formats or use Excel templates to provide pivot tables and charts

Template-based audit reports

  • Generate draft and final audit reports
  • Provide a risk control matrix—available only with the Risk-Control-Test workflow
  • Provide a matrix containing all information assembled on risks and controls in each process and any controls changes the team recommends

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Auditor Assistant’s enhanced functionality helps you ensure agreed-upon action plans are effectively implemented and easily provides status updates to management. Learn more about how you can monitor your issue follow-up seamlessly.