2131059 Ontario Limited - Mapleview

Toronto, May 15, 2015 – Pursuant to an Order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, on May 15, 2015 a receiver was appointed (the "Receiver"), without security, of all the assets, undertakings and properties of 2131059 Ontario Limited (the “Company”).

Pursuant to a Substitution Order dated December 5, 2017, the name of the Receiver was substituted to RSM Canada Limited effective December 1, 2017.

A copy of the receivership order is posted below and other pertinent public information will be posted to this website as that information becomes available.

The current intended plan of action of the Receiver, to the extent that such a plan has been determined, is to realize on the assets of the Company, comprised primarily of the property municipally known as 700 and 725 Mapleview Drive East in Barrie, Ontario.

Creditors of the Company are asked not to file a proof of claim at this time. Should you require additional information, please contact Arif Dhanani at (647) 725-0183 or We will try our best to respond to your enquiry within two business days.

Initial Application and Subsequent Pleadings and Motions
Application Record dated April 29, 2015 - Part 1 
Application Record dated April 29, 2015 - Part 2 
Motion Record dated July 17, 2015 
Motion Record dated November 9, 2016
Responding Motion of the Cost-Sharing Parties dated November 15, 2016 
Affidavit of Alex Haditaghi sworn November 18, 2016 
Motion Record dated February 6, 2018

Receiver's Reports
Receiver’s First Report dated July 17, 2015
Receiver’s Second Report dated November 9, 2016 
Receiver's Second Report - Supplement dated November 28, 2016 
Receiver's Third Report dated February 1, 2018

Orders and Endorsements of the Court
Receivership Order dated May 15, 2015 
Borrowings Increase, Authorization and Approval Order dated August 27, 2015
Sale Approval Order dated November 22, 2016
Report, Activity and Fee Approval and Sealing Order dated November 22, 2016
Endorsement of Justice Newbould dated November 22, 2016 
Vesting Order dated November 30, 2016 
Endorsement of Justice Mesbur dated November 30, 2016
Substitution Order and Endorsement dated December 5, 2017 
Approval and Discharge Order dated February 16, 2018

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