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In an effort to better serve customers or communities, organizations are increasingly undertaking complex projects that may affect an increasing number of external stakeholders. Proving the value of these projects – whether your business is a private company or an organization with public accountability – is critical to secure the go-ahead and continued support throughout the project’s lifecycle. 

We employ data-driven and evidenced-based logic to better make strategic decisions.  Comprised of economists, strategists and project managers, our project and economics team provides you with additional insights and capabilities to give you a competitive edge. Delivering feasibility studies and broader economic assessment, market analyses to validate assumptions and process improvement benchmarking, our team helps you shape decisions, and implement projects to drive your business forward.  

Our team comprises professionals who have provided economic assessments and project management support to private and public companies, communities, municipalities and government agencies, not-for-profit organizations and investors alike.

Canadian economy would take sharp hit to 2019 growth if US exits


Canadian economy would take sharp hit to 2019 growth if US exits

At stake is more than $1 trillion in cross-border trade and more than 14 million jobs across three economies, were the U.S. to exit NAFTA.


Ensure your infrastructure project is shovel-ready & -worthy

Consider these three factors to effectively plan for infrastructure projects, and ensure that they are both shovel-ready & shovel-worthy.

  • Rhett Nussey
  • |
  • March 23, 2016


Let’s give it a chance: socioeconomic gains of Union Pearson Express

By nature, infrastructure projects deliver returns over longer time periods with significant long-term socioeconomic gains.


Goodwill’s wake-up call: Funding challenges in the non-profit sector

Participants in the broader non-profit sector can learn from Goodwill Toronto's challenges to ensure their long term financial stability.


Good data is key to federal funding for infrastructure projects

Engaging a professional advisor can help predict and express the benefits of an infrastructure project, while adding increased credibility.

  • Rhett Nussey
  • |
  • September 16, 2016
Alex Kotsopoulos

Partner, Projects and Economics

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The Real Economy, Canada: Volume 9

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