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You make financial business decisions every day based on varying degrees of information.  Some decisions demand additional information that does not exist within your purview.   Our team of financial advisory experts can help you quantify financial loss for settlement negotiations, develop restructuring strategies, conduct economic impact analysis and utilize actuarial methodologies. Gaining an informed point of view to your business decisions empowers you with the information needed to move forward with confidence.

Our services include:

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The RDSP: Everything you need to know for 2018

The Registered Disability Savings Plan helps Canadians with disabilities effectively plan for their long-term financial future.

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Understand how COVID-19 can impact a business’s value, based on the valuation date and the current stage of the pandemic.

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Learn why too much debt or the wrong capital structure can break alignment, and understand the risks associated with this.

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Alternatives to financial restructuring

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What to try before you pursue a financial restructuring

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Should collateral benefits be deducted gross or net of income tax?

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Treatment of lump-sum collateral benefits in determining IRB benefits

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Considering COVID-19 CERB benefits when determining IRB entitlements

How should the COVID-19-related Canada Emergency Response Benefit be treated in determining income replacement benefit entitlements?

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