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You make financial business decisions every day based on varying degrees of information.  Some decisions demand additional information that does not exist within your purview.   Our team of financial advisory experts can help you quantify financial loss for settlement negotiations, develop restructuring strategies, conduct economic impact analysis and utilize actuarial methodologies. Gaining an informed point of view to your business decisions empowers you with the information needed to move forward with confidence.

Our services include:

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The Registered Disability Savings Plan helps Canadians with disabilities effectively plan for their long-term financial future.

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Claiming executive time under the Ontario Expropriations Act

When a business is affected by an expropriation, the Expropriations Act may allow for compensation for lost executive time.

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Intellectual property litigation can involve complex valuations due to the difficulty of estimating the profit that would have been earned.

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At stake is more than $1 trillion in cross-border trade and more than 14 million jobs across three economies, were the U.S. to exit NAFTA.

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When a dollar is not a dollar

RRSP portfolios require special consideration for equalization payments in matrimonial disputes, due to being tax-deferred savings vehicles.

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There are two common situations giving rise to discounts from the quoted price in shareholder disputes or matrimonial property divisions.

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Valuing employee stock options for separating spouses

Under the Family Law Act, when spouses separate they are required to equalize assets, including employee stock options

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Cutting through the complexity of IP valuation

Difficulties in the valuation of intellectual property include estimation of potential market and market share among other factors.

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Joel Cohen

National Consulting Leader

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