Global audit methodology, RSM Orb

What is RSM Orb?

RSM Orb is our optimal risk-based audit methodology, deployed across more than 100 countries worldwide.

  • Designed with a focus on the middle market
  • Scales with client complexity to provide a robust, quality audit
  • Adapts to differing circumstances and your unique business risks
  • An efficient and innovative technology platform

RSM Orb enables us to develop a deeper understanding of your business, providing you with critical insights now and for the future.

Quality is surrounded by consistency, innovation, critical insights, and confidence.

Consistency - A consistent approach across any number of operations and jurisdictions, tailored to your unique risks and circumstances

Innovation - Optimizing our use of technology in how we plan and conduct our work to enhance your audit experience

Critical insights - Pinpointing those areas that require closer scrutiny and enhanced judgement, enabling us to be more effective in addressing risk areas and adding intellectual value and critical insights

Confidence - Delivered though robust and considered planning, an efficient technology platform and a highly qualified, experienced team

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