Audit Services

Providing audit services and financial reporting to the middle market

We understand that audits are more than just evaluations and maintenance of financial statements. RSM Canada's audit services explain your business’s history, manage the present state of affairs and build a plan for the future. Audit services provided by RSM give your organization’s stakeholders—the board, shareholders, customers and bankers—the benefit of tailored insights to help make critical business decisions with confidence. Our measured approach to audit quality and service includes customized solutions that meet our client’s needs by utilizing cutting-edge technology, data analysis and digital transformation. 

Being understood by your stakeholders with audit services 

Our audit services provide value by helping your business communicate with banks, investors and shareholders, and other financial partners. RSM is committed to audit quality standards and requires our professionals to deliver a final audit report that’s fair and independent as it assesses the organization's financial statements. 

Industry reputation and leadership

RSM Canada is registered with the Canadian Public Accountability Board and our professionals are members of the Accounting Standard Board’s IFRS Discussion Group and Private Enterprise Advisory Committee. RSM is also registered with PCAOB.

Understanding your industry

RSM Canada's professionals use their industry specialization to provide clients with insights on effective responses to issues—and provide alerts on emerging threats and opportunities just over the horizon. Each industry is unique, and while we can work with any industry, we have substantial experience and knowledge in the following areas:

Industry specific audit insights

Audit services capabilities and approach 

Understanding your organization

Throughout the year and the audit process, RSM Canada's takes the time up front to listen and understand your organization and the unique challenges that you face. Our engagement teams have the skills and industry experience to address your organization’s needs and work with your staff to ensure a smooth and timely audit process. RSM maximizes value for your organization by treating the audit as more than just an annual report card. We also treat it as an opportunity to gather information and provide insight that can help your organization run better, yielding valuable business intelligence from the audit.

As first-choice advisors to middle market leaders globally, we understand the particular business needs and issues you face on a daily basis. We’ve also developed our own audit service methodology, tools and training geared to the unique needs of our clients.

Collaborative discussions throughout the audit process are critical to addressing key issues.  An equally critical factor is the amount of planning devoted to the process. The planning process involves management and helps us identify key business and accounting issues. We plan in order to minimize disruptions during everyone’s daily work schedule. Having a strong audit plan and team goes a long way in ensuring a quality and cost-effective audit.  Our specifically tailored engagement team will work closely with you throughout the audit to facilitate timely delivery of services and communications. When you work with us, you’ll receive tailored insights to help you make critical business decisions with confidence.

We also understand that all organizations are structured differently, have varying staffing levels and require different services from an auditor. RSM Canada uses critical thinking to provide appropriate accounting services that will help your business navigate complex financial situations. Whether it’s implementing new accounting standards like revenue recognition or lease accounting, adapting financial software, showing your business’s commitment to internal controls , managing global compliance needs, or requiring outsourced team members, we provide tailored solutions to allow your business to operate smoothly and without interruption.