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Public sector organizations increasingly find that they have to do more, with less. Whether it’s managing increased demands for service with a reduced budget, or improving process efficiencies and technology with declining revenues. The organization’s success hinges on its ability to demonstrate value to stakeholders, and appropriately project future costs to operations in order to obtain the necessary resources. 

The professionals at RSM have helped government agencies, municipalities, health care organizations and educational institutions manage a range of operational and financial challenges to deliver on the organization’s mission. We understand the pain points and can help you alleviate existing and emerging issues through specialized assurance, tax and consulting services.


Federal Budget eases administration for charities and universities

Budget 2018 extends the sphere of eligible donees for registration requirements and offers more streamlined administration processes.

  • Derek de Gannes
  • |
  • March 07, 2018


Let’s give it a chance: socioeconomic gains of Union Pearson Express

By nature, infrastructure projects deliver returns over longer time periods with significant long-term socioeconomic gains.


Good data is key to federal funding for infrastructure projects

Engaging a professional advisor can help predict and express the benefits of an infrastructure project, while adding increased credibility.

  • Rhett Nussey
  • |
  • September 16, 2016
Douglas Kroetsch

Alberta Market Leader; Edmonton Office Market Leader; National Government Industry Leader

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