Not-for-profit organizations

Experience and insight to help solve industry challenges

Every not-for-profit organization is unique. From trade associations to social service entities to cultural institutions, they serve varying constituencies, have varying goals and face varying challenges. But some challenges are universal. All face tighter funding. All seek creative new ways to better leverage their people and resources to continue to meet their mission in an environment where every not-for-profit is pushing to do more with less.

RSM’s professionals constantly distill the knowledge we gain from our clients into a steady stream of insights on accounting, tax, operations, technology and financial issues, helping you transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities. We go beyond the numbers, turning data into information and recommendations that can assist you in better decision-making and improved performance.

While we are committed to helping our clients succeed, we also believe in giving back to our local communities, regularly supporting various charitable causes and volunteer organizations.

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Services for not-for-profit organizations

With local industry teams, backed by national and international resources, we offer insights and implement best practices designed specifically to address our clients’ needs. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Audit
  • Tax compliance and consulting
  • Indirect tax advisory
  • Technology consulting
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy
  • Governance, risk and internal controls
  • Finance and accounting outsourcing
  • Strategy and management consulting
  • Economics consulting