RSM Salesforce Field Service solutions

Digitally transforming your on-site field operations

Driving efficiency while improving the customer experience

Salesforce Field Service provides powerful capabilities for any company that offers on-site services, including estimation, installation, maintenance, repair, inspection and clean up. These on-site operations may be performed ad hoc, at regularly scheduled intervals or based on events such as an alert from an Internet of Things sensor. Leading manufacturing, business services, distribution, installation, inspection, real estate, construction and agriculture companies have all benefited from digitally transforming their field operations using Salesforce Field Service to grow their business while providing better customer service.

Modernizing your business processes from field service to cash

RSM provides Salesforce Field Service advisory and implementation services to automate your critical processes, including:

  • Scheduling and dispatching the right resources to the right jobs at the right time, using intelligent automation and optimization algorithms
  • Tracking and ensuring the right inventory and tools are in place to match each customer’s needs and to make the most of each on-site visit
  • Equipping mobile workers with offline-ready apps that give them access to real-time information, guidance and tools to complete their tasks efficiently and safely
  • Connecting the entire service ecosystem from back office to front office, and collaborating seamlessly across teams and departments with automation across organizations, processes and systems
  • Leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform to integrate data and business functions to create a unified source-of-truth view of your customers and operations
  • Empowering your customers with self-service portals, chatbots and notifications that keep them informed and engaged throughout their service journey

RSM: The leading Salesforce consulting professionals for the middle market

RSM’s Salesforce practice is well-versed in planning and digital transformations for quote-to-cash, mergers/acquisitions/carveouts, and customer support and field service operations. These client initiatives require a deep and wide range of skills that cross organizational, business process, system and data silos. 

Starting from strategy and design, having a holistic view of the overall business is critical to delivering the maximum business value from your Salesforce investment. By understanding the needs and goals of marketing, sales, operations, customer service, field operations, finance, compliance and more, RSM unlocks the ability for Salesforce to: 

  • Automate processes across organizations
  • Generate source-of-truth data that gives full visibility of the customer
  • Provide capabilities that deliver optimal customer experiences
  • Establish a foundation that generates future benefits with less rework

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