Salesforce rapid assessment

Our Rapid Assessment process benchmarks your Salesforce capabilities and provides you with an actionable roadmap to use Salesforce more effectively.

Are you getting all you can from Salesforce? Let’s see where you can get more.

How close to your expectations is your Salesforce platform performing? As with any substantial investment, knowing how your investment is returning value is the key to managing it well. Consider having the Salesforce pros at RSM perform a Salesforce Rapid Assessment on your behalf. We’ll deliver our findings promptly—as the service name suggests—and provide you with recommendations and a roadmap to boost your Salesforce ROI.

This is not a cookie-cutter review. The Assessment is customized to the needs of your organization. It is performed by a seasoned member of our team who is not only well versed in Salesforce technology and capabilities, but in the business of business as well. Like any engagement with RSM, we bring our proven people, process and technology to serve you. In this case, that service is helping ensure that Salesforce is a true asset to your organization.

Some of the typical questions you may expect to answer after a Salesforce Rapid Assessment include:

  • We know we need to improve but where do we start?
  • What risks should we be worried about?
  • What's the health of our security, systems and Salesforce processes?
  • How can we streamline our Lead-to-Cash process so that we can maximize revenue?
  • What’s our readiness to digitally transform our customer support process so that we can provide award-winning customer service?
  • Are we ready to scale?
  • Can we turn our Salesforce capabilities from a cost into an advantage?

Let’s discuss how a Salesforce Rapid Assessment works and what you can expect it to do for you.

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