Salesforce organization migrations

Mergers, acquisitions and similar transactions help companies stay competitive. Quickly assessing and integrating your Salesforce capabilities is one part of realizing the benefits of strategic transactions.

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As your company transforms itself through mergers, acquisitions or divestitures, you want to ensure that the best tools, strategies, investments and processes emerge even stronger than before. If you use the Salesforce platform, you’ve undoubtedly made a notable investment and are reaping the benefits of better customer relationships and enhanced business results. We aim to help keep the benefits coming as you navigate change.

At a minimum, you should analyze your Salesforce system in light of your organization’s future state, whether that’s existing as a spun-off division or as a larger business entity that’s integrating a new acquisition. Our veteran Salesforce consultants can give you a clear,  unbiased picture of where you are and where you might be later. We can also advise on strategies and tactics for realigning and optimizing your Salesforce systems to address changing business needs.

Speed is of the essence when implementing changes following a strategic transaction. But doing things right the first time is equally crucial. Fortunately, with RSM you can expect both. You will appreciate our deep experience performing mergers and the broad business expertise developed in leading businesses through these types of activities. Our Salesforce technology team is recognized as one of the strongest in our market. You’ll be well looked after.

If there’s a merger, acquisition or divestiture in your company’s future, you have dozens of questions, concerns and issues on your mind. Let us handle Salesforce for you. We’ll understand your objectives thoroughly and work diligently with you to see that they happen.

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Our wide-ranging experience and expertise in specific disciplines, business models, strategic transactions and industries enable our team to provide informed Salesforce-oriented guidance for your unique business needs.
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