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Powered by Salesforce, Nimble AMS offers low cost-of-ownership, continuous updates, broad association-focused functionality and the confidence of a leading implementation partner, RSM.

Organizations engage members and achieve their mission more effectively with Nimble AMS and RSM

Nimble AMS by Community Brands is one of the fastest-growing association membership software (AMS) solutions. Because the solution is built on Salesforce—the world’s most-used customer relationship management (CRM) platform—it inherits much of the power and functionality of the Salesforce ecosystem. Among the popular characteristics is that the system is both highly configurable and continually updated, so you’re always working with current versions and don’t have to worry about things breaking with new releases.

Associations and similar organizations have a unique set of requirements, and Nimble AMS is designed to address those specifically. The system accommodates membership and prospect management and a member portal, including personalized member experiences and dashboards. Process automation handles more routine tasks, saving you innumerable hours so your staff can focus on what’s important. Built in analytics tools let you gain insights from your own data that can lead to better decision making.

Nimble AMS saves you innumerable hours by automating inefficient daily tasks. Nimble AMS gives you an easy to view, 360-degree perspective of your constituents. Continuous upgrades on the same schedule as Salesforce mean you always have access to the latest version.

Important business system implementation and ongoing use often hinges on the quality of the support team behind it. Our Nimble AMS consultants focus on providing high-value support and guidance at every step of the implementation and support process. As one of Community Brands’ leading implementation partners, you have access to skilled resources that will help you get the most out of your investment. For some, that means an out-of-the-box implementation. For others, it means working together to develop a comprehensive enterprise solution to meet specific needs—moving from the the well-planned approach.

You can feel confident working with us as your Nimble AMS partner. We have implemented and supported Nimble AMS for clients of all sizes—including the largest Nimble AMS implementation to date—at a leading trade association.

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