Salesforce data migration

RSM helps organizations create a data migration strategy. This plan makes sure sales and service teams always have access to the best data and the data is always current to achieve business goals.

We help move data from a CRM system to Salesforce, ensuring that all your data migrates perfectly

Leverage the top data migration tools to enable a seamless data transfer to Salesforce. Our advisors have decades of experience with several migration tools. They understand migration complexities, including data security, and can deliver the right solution for any organization.

Keep your data secure and intact. The migration process will be completed without any disruptions to your business.

Every migration is different and needs time to be planned so all the basics are covered, and problems are averted. Our advisors develop a detailed migration plan, reducing potential risks. At RSM, we help you with the procedure of data migration to Salesforce including analysis.

Centered on your business requirements, we find which entities need to be migrated to Salesforce. We analyze source databases and identify if any customization is necessary for them or not.

To certify that Salesforce data migration has been implemented correctly (i.e., the initial data is displayed accurately), we conduct quality assurance tests. We realize that each data migration process is different, and we need to know the infrastructure of your original customer relationship management (CRM) in depth before starting with the first phase. To make the acceptance of Salesforce CRM system simpler, we tactically map the current data to Salesforce.

Let us assist your business with…

Our advisors migrate data from custom data stores, ERP systems, CRM and support systems like Oracle, NetSuite, Zendesk, SugarCRM and Siebel Systems into Salesforce.

Additional services to help your data migration move effortlessly between Salesforce organizations.

Quality assurance tests confirms that your data migration project was done correctly.
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