The Salesforce platform empowers you to drive innovation and grow your business by connecting every aspect of your operations. But to truly unlock its total value, you need to understand and manage your organization’s metadata—the data about your data.Our comprehensive configuration diagnostic for Salesforce analyzes your Salesforce metadata, enabling you to maximize all that the powerful platform has to offer. Schedule your free assessment.

What: Understanding your metadata

Salesforce metadata includes a broad range of elements, such as objects, fields, workflows, process automation, validation rules, layouts, profiles, roles, user types, storage usage and many more components. Each element is defined by its metadata, which describes its attributes and behavior.

Your Salesforce metadata is stored in XML format, allowing you to access customized information through the well-documented metadata application programming interface (API). The Salesforce Metadata API does not work with or directly access your business data.

Understanding and managing your metadata is essential for maximizing your Salesforce platform. The metadata provides insights into your org’s setup, helps identify potential issues, and aids in planning and executing changes or migrations.

How: Leveraging Metadata Analyzer

Metadata Analyzer is a tool that helps optimize your Salesforce CRM configuration by providing a detailed report of your organization’s setup. It’s an innovative web-based app that scans your entire Salesforce configuration setup and data usage in mere minutes.

Once the scan results are analyzed, it can help to assess your current state and the impact of future changes or migrations. Metadata Analyzer provides invaluable insights and guidance, whether you’re planning a Salesforce org migration, implementing transformational changes or simply maintaining your org’s health.

Why: Maintaining your org’s health

Metadata Analyzer can optimize your Salesforce platform’s performance and ensure it continues delivering value. It helps find issues like unused objects, obsolete automation or redundant third-party applications— sometimes called “technical debt.”

As your business needs have evolved and different personnel have administered your org, some of your installed applications may have become redundant or obsolete. You might even be paying for apps that you no longer use or need. Metadata Analyzer quickly identifies all of your installed applications, and our analysis can determine which are still relevant for your needs today.

Why: Planning your data migration

Metadata Analyzer simplifies Salesforce CRM data migration by providing a comprehensive view of your org’s metadata and code. Metadata Analyzer allows you to quantify the volumes of business data, understand your existing setup’s complexity, identify potential issues and plan for your migration.

When migrating from one Salesforce org to another, the business data and metadata associated with the configuration must be transferred. Without Metadata Analyzer, you will need to manually examine each object, understand its interrelationships and plan the migration. This requires significant time and effort (and carries a risk of errors and oversights).

With Metadata Analyzer, you can automate this process because it quickly catalogs all the objects and fields that define the business data and quantifies the record counts for each object in a comprehensive report. This simplifies your data migration estimation and ensures a more accurate, effective migration.

When: Schedule your free analysis now

Whether you’re planning a Salesforce migration, implementing an optimization or maintaining your org’s health, Metadata Analyzer is a key tool that can provide invaluable insights and guidance.

Unlock the potential of your platform through RSM’s comprehensive metadata analysis. It’s a web-based tool, so there’s nothing to install, and the scan runs using a read-only query (thus keeping your metadata and business data unchanged in any way). Schedule your scan and results consultation today.

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