Microsoft Dynamics GP to NetSuite accelerator

At RSM, we’re experienced in many facets of ERP. Microsoft Dynamics GP is powerful, but your organization may need a true multitenant, cloud-based solution. You’ll find it with NetSuite.

Microsoft Dynamics GP to NetSuite accelerator

Multi-ERP expertise

RSM is the leading provider of ERP system evaluation for the middle market, and we’re consistently ranked as the top VAR nationally by Accounting Today. We’re experienced with multiple ERP solutions and can help you migrate from one to another.

NetSuite Accounting Today VAR100
NetSuite Accounting Today VAR100
NetSuite World Wide Solution Provider Partner of the Year - 2021
NetSuite World Wide Solution Provider Partner of the Year - 2021

As a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner, we’ve worked with hundreds of GP customers through all stages of their ERP life cycles, and we understand what’s necessary to safely migrate your ERP data to a new platform.

Why migrate to NetSuite?

NetSuite ERP is a leading cloud solution for the middle market that addresses a variety of business needs, including industry-specific workflows across multiple verticals. RSM is the leading Oracle NetSuite solution provider worldwide, and we have a proven track record of successfully moving Dynamics GP customers to the cloud.

NetSuite ERP gives you the visibility and control to make the right decisions, right now. Scale up, spin off, adopt new business models--NetSuite’s flexibility lets you do it all quickly and easily. With NetSuite, your configurations and customization migrate seamlessly, with no special hardware or infrastructure requirements. All you need is a browser and an internet connection to start focusing on your business instead of your business systems.

The RSM GP-to-NetSuite Accelerator

For organizations that are ready to transition from GP to NetSuite, RSM has developed a proven accelerator that makes the conversion process easier, preserving data from GP and simplifying the import into NetSuite.

The GP to NetSuite Accelerator includes SQL scripts written in a format that maps to NetSuite values and pre-populates NetSuite attributes such as account type. As a result, the process of converting data is streamlined and much less time-consuming.

Let us show you how our NetSuite consultants can support your entire organization’s digital journey.

At-a-glance comparison chart

Microsoft Dynamics GP to Oracle NetSuite comparison chart
Microsoft Dynamics GP to Oracle NetSuite comparison chart

RSM accelerator seamlessly transitions Tango Cards acquisition data

We have worked extensively with RSM, and in this effort, as with all others, we have been more than pleased with the consulting and guidance we have received.
Adam Cole, Director of Business Systems, Tango Card


Largest global NetSuite partner, serving 1,500+ NetSuite clients since 2004


NetSuite Worldwide Solution Provider Partner of the Year 2013-2014, 2016-2021


With 85 North American offices and practices in 16 countries, RSM has 300+ global NetSuite resources

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