NetSuite pricing and cost

Our NetSuite pricing model is adaptable and modular—you only pay for what you use and flexible financing options make it easy to get started.

Every NetSuite installation is unique—and that’s good

If you’re researching the NetSuite pricing model for your organization, finding details about the cost of a NetSuite installation can be difficult. This is mainly because the web components and integration with existing data and systems are unique for every engagement. And that’s what makes NetSuite so powerful: the ability to build a solution that’s a precise match to your business needs.

How NetSuite pricing works

NetSuite pricing and cost depend on several factors including the selected product configuration, add-on modules, total user count and contract duration. Taking all of this into consideration, a minimum NetSuite purchase requires that you buy a base account along with at least one user login. You can enhance a standard platform license with advanced NetSuite feature modules and add additional users by purchasing individual access via any browser on a universal cloud-based platform.

NetSuite licensing operates on a subscription model, and you can renew annually or over longer durations. There are several pre-bundled vertical editions that can be useful to quickly identify the package and modules you need. You decide which one is best and when to add more capacity.


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NetSuite licensing expertise

With more than 1,500 NetSuite clients, RSM is one of the largest NetSuite value-added resellers and solution providers. This affords us unique insight into the purchasing process and the ability to get you the best possible NetSuite pricing. As you consider NetSuite ERP, our goal is to provide you as much information as we can, but some answers around NetSuite pricing and cost will vary based on the specific needs of your organization.


You can trust our NetSuite consultants to discuss your requirements, provide a product demo tailored to your industry and business needs and answer all of your questions. The NetSuite license purchasing process is collaborative—we aim to understand your business deeply and help you execute your specific, strategic plans.


See how it works with a complimentary NetSuite demo account using sample data that matches your business model. We want you to be confident that NetSuite is the best platform for your organization and interacting with the tools and software gives you a clear view of NetSuite’s wide range of functionality.


We recognize that the decision to implement NetSuite is a positive turning point for your business and a substantial commitment. Our commitment is to get you the best possible NetSuite pricing and to help with financing and related software and services.

How to buy a NetSuite license

Learn more about the key components of NetSuite pricing and cost including customization, contract expectations, implementation, payment and financing.

Once you determine that NetSuite is the right platform for your organization, your consultant will help you identify a complete product configuration to meet your needs including base editions, special editions, advanced add-on modules and user counts.

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