NetSuite for technology companies

Organizations with a strong technology focus must be nimble and ever-evolving.

NetSuite for technology companies

Empowering technology companies with solutions that foster growth. Organizations with a strong technology focus must be nimble and ever-evolving.

Technology-focused organizations face intense competition for talent, constant pressure to innovate and the expectation of investors, partners and board members that capital will be well-managed. And they must overcome these hurdles while keeping pace with competitors’ breakthroughs and unyielding pressure to bring new solutions to market.

Software and technology companies must also comply with various regulations that apply to data security, labor, immigration and commerce. Globally, these regulations can vary substantially, and it can be challenging to stay within regional guidelines for companies doing international business.

Cloud-based solutions have the power to flex to your needs

It’s vital for technology companies to use a modern, cloud-based ERP solution that is flexible enough to manage multiple revenue cycles, offers options for revenue allocation and supports reporting that aligns with AICPA revenue regulations.

Oracle NetSuite ERP is the leading cloud-based solution for managing all aspects of your business. NetSuite ERP has the right feature set for technology and software companies, including those that do business globally. Our NetSuite consultants work with a range of technology-focused businesses, from early-stage startups to more established brands in software, hardware, information technology services, semiconductors and more.

Built to support you at every phase

Middle-market technology and software companies can generally be categorized into one of four phases:

  • Startup: Focused on obtaining funding, typically from private equity growth partners for the development of their core product and sales generation.
  • Rapid growth: Focused on positioning the company for scale and formalizing policies and procedures. Sales growth may include the need to defer revenue and align with ASC606/IFRS15 guidance and growing employee count.
  • Established and expanding: Focused on maximizing business value and profitability with an eye toward IPO. Mergers and acquisitions may be taking place along with international expansion as revenue continues to grow.
  • Mature and exiting: Focused on regulatory compliance and preparing for an exit to the public sector. Revenue continues to grow so much that it is time to go public.

Throughout the life cycle of your company, we can help you transition from one phase to the next. Positioning your company for growth with the solutions to support that growth is critical. With hundreds of software customers, our experienced team will work with you to understand your business, close gaps and streamline processes.


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NetSuite ERP accelerates results and improves efficiency

NetSuite gives you an end-to-end, fully integrated ERP & CRM solution with robust functionality across billing, reporting, revenue recognition, human capital management and payroll. Key benefits for technology & software companies include:

Manage recurring billing processes and renewals and increase profitability by cross-selling and up-selling to customers. Free up time with automated billing for subscription- and maintenance-based revenue streams.

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