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Manufacturers, distributors and energy companies tend to be complex organizations with unique needs in areas such as inventory and supply chain planning, managing costs and multi-company financials and supporting customer and vendor experience. Legacy business systems can quickly become outdated, more expensive to maintain and unfriendly toward changes. Moreover, if your company is growing rapidly, or pivoting to meet the demands of a volatile market, your systems may be holding you back, unable to scale and change with you.

Cloud solutions have come of age for Industrials. Scale on demand. Remain on the latest version with zero effort. Eliminate security risks. Achieve compliance. Interact globally. All within a single system—one that can be easily integrated into your unique processes and easily adopted by your dynamic workforce.

Oracle NetSuite’s Cloud ERP meets the demands of the middle market and emerging Industrials companies in many sectors, helping them manage every aspect of their operations in one place. RSM has a proven track record of helping Industrials clients succeed in their digital transformation journey with NetSuite.

RSM: The NetSuite ERP experts 

Best-in-class ERP software is only one component of your success. RSM is one of the largest and most highly awarded Oracle NetSuite partners globally. Our team can provide you with a realistic perspective of the resources necessary, the efficiencies to be gained and the costs that will be involved to get NetSuite up and running for your business. 

  • We are the first-choice advisor to middle market companies for evaluating, selecting, implementing and supporting NetSuite.
  • We take a highly independent and consultative approach to software implementation, advising you, as your trusted partner, to achieve your digital transformation goals.
  • We have the industry expertise needed to understand your business and help your implementation succeed. 
  • We serve as a Solution Provider Partner, Alliance Partner and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partner for Oracle NetSuite.


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