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Communicating with your constituents using the channels they prefer is paramount. In implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, RSM collaborates with you to create an environment where all important communication is stored, organized and accessible across stakeholders, breaking down silos within your organization. This communication crosses department lines, so your development department can store fundraising information in the same system and that information can be available to your outreach and marketing department.   

Omnichannel for Customer Service is focused on walking someone through a journey. This could be a journey toward membership or toward a large donation. The goal of Omnichannel is to enable continual conversations with your constituents that feel like they are on an individual level. Through these conversations, you can gather more information about that person and in turn create even more personalized communication. 

This communication comes in multiple forms, such as emails and phone calls, combined with social posts on that constituent’s various social feeds.   

RSM can help you implement the technology needed to support your constituent engagement and omnichannel needs through Microsoft Dynamics 365. This technology will immediately break down organizational silos and support collaboration among your departments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will also act as the central hub for your omnichannel communication and planning.

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