Third-party risk services

Safeguard your company from potential risk brought by third-parties or vendors

Comprehensive approach to reducing third-party and vendor risk

In today’s complex market, companies are more often turning to specialized contractors and third-party service providers to focus on core activities. However, many organizations have learned this action comes with a certain measure of risk. Whether a professional service provider makes an honest mistake or technology service provider encounters a cyberattack seizing operations, it introduces a level of risk that must be addressed.

A well-designed third-party risk management program allows you to get maximum value with minimal risk. Which is why at RSM, we take a holistic approach to assessing risk and developing a customized approach tailored to your unique third-party strategy and business goals. Our comprehensive methodology for managing third-party risk helps you address major sources of risk, including strategic, compliance, operational, transactional, environment social governance and reputational.

Contract terms are often complex and difficult to interpret and monitor. RSM’s contract risk and compliance team analyzes complex agreements, identifies monetary noncompliance, assesses large datasets and navigates sensitive situations to deliver high value and transparency. Our contract compliance specialists provide services across the contract life cycle; negotiation and execution to monitoring, management and termination.

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