Sarbanes-Oxley Bill 198 compliance services

RSM's customized Sarbanes-Oxley/Bill 198 compliance program reduces time spent prepping forms, eases filing and mitigates errors.

Improve business process with a sustainable, risk-based approach to Sarbanes-Oxley/Bill 198 compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance demands are straining the resources of public companies and those intending on going public, costing them both time and money. When facing this critical and essential requirement, companies discover they need partners and solutions who can help them improve efficiency, reduce internal workload and accelerate compliance execution. 

RSM has the right people, processes and technology to customize an effective SOX program that meets your requirements. Our SOX compliance programs provide a modernized framework to help reduce the risk of financial misstatements, easing the burden on your internal teams and decreasing potential scrutiny from external auditors. Configured to your company’s unique environment and empowered by testing methodologies and professionals that leverage data analytics, process mining and automation, we can help you decrease your time-to-compliance and time-on-compliance workloads. 

Our managed service approach

Minimize your internal team’s SOX efforts with our SOX managed service offering. This offering is quick to stand up and deploy and utilizes automation to streamline information, which results in less time and effort required from your personnel. Our digitally enabled solutions to SOX compliance also deliver real-time, data-driven insights for process improvement. Plus, you’ll also have just-in-time access to SOX specialists who can share thought leadership and best practices with stakeholders and external auditors.

RSM’s SOX compliance team’s capabilities:

Our SOX outsourcing services identifies financial reporting risks and develops efficient ways to mitigate them. Our experienced team works with you to transform compliance functions with innovative automation solutions to meet your specific SOX compliance needs and unlock value beyond compliance.

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