ERP risk and controls automation

RSM’s experienced team can design controls, do security assessments and establish ongoing monitoring for your ERP system.

Lowering the cost of ERP security and controls while mitigating risk

When organizations integrate new enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, the primary challenge to solve is connecting multiple business units with fundamental automation that maximizes efficiency while replacing manual controls. The end goal is to reduce the need for reconciliations and decrease the possibility of human error. However, without proper security and controls, these new systems can leave an organization vulnerable to financial, operational and strategic risks.

RSM’s ERP professionals have many years of experience identifying and designing ERP controls in a variety of industries with varying degrees of complexity, combined with knowledge around automation software like integrated governance risk and compliance (GRC) technologies, analytics and bots. Staying current with leading-edge software and security developments, our team has developed efficient ways to test and remediate ERP control failures. Our extensive controls knowledge embodies the most popular ERP systems including:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • NetSuite
  • PeopleSoft
  • JDE
  • Workday

Following a holistic review of your business controls framework, RSM can work to identify automated control design gaps, assess pre-implementation controls design and post-implementation controls to determine potential automated control failures. If your organization lacks security and controls monitoring tools, our team can also perform annual or periodic ERP security and controls monitoring and testing with our automated tools.

RSM’s ERP risk and controls automation team offers extensive capabilities:

Rely on our proven methodology and industry-leading systems to help with governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tools, including GRC tool selection, rule-set implementations, assessments and designing GRC programs to maximize your GRC tool investment.

If you have a governance, risk management and compliance tool, we can:

  • Perform GRC rules checkups with your tool. Following organizational or system functionality changes, RSM can test for GRC rule changes.
  • Increase current tool’s value. We’ll help to identify ways to obtain maximum value of your current tool with RSM’s operational GRC tool assessment.

Considering purchasing a GRC tool? RSM can provide:

  • Guidance. We’ve worked with numerous tools, and our "scorecard" approach helps you identify the best GRC tool to purchase for your ERP based on risk appetite, regulatory requirements and budget.
  • GRC rule implementation assistance. When it’s time to design and implement GRC rules to satisfy your regulatory compliance needs, we can provide practical advice to make the process easier.

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