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RSM’s skilled consultants offer guidance on data analytics processes to improve the efficiency of compliance activities.

Improving the efficiency of compliance and assurance activities through data analytics

Companies today are awash in data as they’re learning the process of collecting information isn’t a problem. Ideally, data analytics methods reveal outcomes and trends that can point to emerging changes in risk and lead to better controls and improved risk mitigation. Instead, companies are experiencing a number of challenges getting the right data, understanding how to apply data as well as creating a sustainable process that helps achieve steady and expected results.

RSM understands that data analytics is a window into compliance events and processes. A more automated audit and compliance environment allows you to aggregate the data across systems and use it to refine and adjust procedures across the enterprise. Our team transforms traditional processes to help identify, monitor and report on risk, providing insights into both risks and the effectiveness of controls.

Not only can we show you how data analytics can improve the efficiency of compliance and assurance activities, but we can also demonstrate how to continuously monitor business and financial transactions through easy-to-use dashboards, highlighting issues before they escalate into damaging problems. Whether you need us to serve as a full consultant or as an extension to your team, RSM can drive additional efficiencies, offering potential cost savings.

Comprehensive data analytics consulting and risk management services

Companies in a variety of industries find regulatory requirements a challenge. Working with RSM’s experienced team and your own data allows you to establish an effective compliance and controls program. We can also design a data-driven strategy to address requirements, develop analytics to help you monitor process controls, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and anti-money-laundering regulations.

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