Auditor Assistant: Internal audit automation

Manage your audit activities and implement a risk mitigation-based plan with cloud-based Auditor Assistant, RSM’s auditing software.

Improve efficiency while performing audits more effectively

Internal audit departments are increasingly under pressure to do more with less. Employees are asked to meet never-ending demands from auditors, regulatory bodies and audit committees while their managers are discovering highly skilled employees are spending too much time entering information, managing paperwork and producing reports.

RSM’s Auditor Assistant software solution allows you to focus on your business’ core strengths, improving your audit team’s productivity and efficiency. Auditor Assistant lets you manage your audit activities in real time and implement an effective risk-based audit plan that prioritizes your company’s audit goals. Using the cloud-based software, you’ll find audits can be performed in less time, processes are streamlined and workpaper status and audit findings are filed on a timely basis.

Hosted by RSM’s Cloud and Managed Services, Auditor Assistant can be implemented quickly—usually within weeks. The software has detailed security protocols, disaster recovery planning and third-party security inspections.

Driven by RSM’s extensive risk advisory experience, additional benefits of Auditor Assistant include:

The Auditor Assistant platform increases efficiency, helping you streamline your efforts to provide timely workpaper status, audit findings and audit committee reports. Auditor Assistant enables your organization to:

  • Tailor your reports and fulfill organizational requirements with customizable templates and flexible ad hoc reporting
  • Generate timely and concise reports, based on real-time visibility of data with an intuitive user interface
  • Lock-down your information by providing read-only access of audit engagement results to external auditors and regulators
  • Provide complete workpapers in PDF format for a convenient and practical package for distribution to external auditors, regulators, etc.

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