Internal audit services

Emerging best practices are recognizing internal audits as a strategic asset, giving leadership teams a clear path for creating a successful future.

Modernize internal audit to drive effective risk management and growth strategies

Internal audit is undergoing significant transformation and is uniquely positioned as a catalyst for improvement across the entire enterprise. However, companies are learning internal audit functions need to be more strategic, which requires innovative technology and highly skilled employees—a challenge in today’s environment.

RSM aims to help you stay at the forefront of the industrywide initiative for internal audit to play an integral role in strategic risk. We help companies of all sizes improve their internal audit functions to facilitate higher impact results and implement deep learning and predictive analysis. With innovations like robotic process automation and access to our highly trained team, your organization can experience better workflow, bring deep and diverse skills and increase risk management effectiveness. Learn how RSM advisors can partner with you to modernize your internal audit while mitigating risks of noncompliance.

Comprehensive internal audit services

RSM’s internal audit services methodology aligns with your organizational goals and mission while focusing on the executive team’s strategy. Our customized internal audit strategies address risk while enhancing business performance and include this full suite of services:

  • Internal audit outsourcing
  • Internal audit co-sourcing
  • Internal audit loaned staff
  • Internal audit quality assurance review

Insights for greater internal audit efficiencies

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