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Get back on your feet quickly following a disaster with an effective business continuity plan that mitigates physical and financial loss.

Recover faster and minimize long-term damage with solid business continuity plans

Risk is a persistent and pervasive aspect of today’s business climate. In the past several years, companies have learned the difficult lesson that if a cyberthreat or ransomware attack didn’t shut down the organization for days, weeks or even months, a fire, hurricane or pandemic certainly could. No matter the industry sector or supply chain complexity, companies discovered rather quickly just how vulnerable they are. This is why it’s important for organizations to understand the potential impacts these catastrophic events can have on critical processes, people and technology, and then plan accordingly to mitigate physical and financial damage to get back to business quickly.

RSM can guide you to develop methodical plans to reduce the severity of future threats and help speed up recovery. Whether your organization needs to identify and remediate gaps in your current plan, build a plan from scratch, test policies and procedures or train employees, RSM has the skills to modernize your business continuity plans.

Our exclusive five-phase methodology, which is aligned with numerous guidelines and standards, helps our clients build a continuity management program that is suited to their organization’s risk appetite and is actionable and scalable. This process maximizes our ability to serve your diverse business continuity planning needs while leveraging existing recovery-related processes. With a holistic perspective, we can build a business continuity plan to minimize the long-term consequences of disruptions and maximize operational and cost efficiencies.

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