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Maintaining a strong security program is key to your business operations.

Consulting services that help mature and enhance your cybersecurity program, transforming it into a business enabler

Cybersecurity leaders face a multitude of challenges when it comes to the business side of security—resource gaps, talent development, managing vendor relationships, reacting to the demands of a growing and evolving business, meeting compliance and regulatory obligations, and accounting for cybersecurity budget concerns. Addressing these day-to-day demands can distract CISOs and cyber leaders from focusing on a strategic cybersecurity program that can be effectively articulated to boards and audit committees.

Building a security program that is both effective and value-driven within the organization should be the North Star for leaders. Effective security program management requires a disciplined and prioritized program that keeps pace with the organization’s changing needs. When considering strategic partners, it’s important for CISOs to identify a provider that can help merge the business side (finance, staffing, program planning, etc.) with the technical side as they move their program from simply addressing or reacting to operating with the right balance of insourcing and outsourcing, aligning cybersecurity spend to technology and business objectives, and focusing on generating maximum value from the available resources.

We understand the complex security challenges you face, especially the difficulty of hiring or allocating skilled personnel internally. Our IT, security and privacy specialists have comprehensive, real-world experience advising organizations from a range of major industries. We’ll collaborate with your security team to develop a program that is rightsized for your unique organizational and industry needs.

Our methodology to optimize your security program management includes:

It is important for your cybersecurity program to align with the business so that the organization can achieve its objectives. Without this alignment, it becomes tough to gain buy-in from executive leadership across departments, which results in a lack of adoption of security services and solutions across the organization. This leaves the organization vulnerable to risks arising from shadow IT systems.

We can help you earn security program buy-in and drive adoption by developing an internal outreach plan. Our team will work with you on:

  • Developing and socializing your cybersecurity plan from rollout to adoption
  • Upfront planning with executives and board members, such as establishing steering committees and designating cyber leaders across your organization
  • Creating a forum for constant engagement with the various business units outside of cyber to communicate upcoming security needs based on business initiatives

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