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Whether looking to buy a company or sell one, every deal presents opportunities and risks only due diligence can find and quantify. On the buy side, financial due diligence can validate an acquisition’s asking price or open avenues for further negotiation. On the sell side, it ensures that your company’s accounting systems and financial reports are accurate, well-organized, and presented in the strongest possible light. It’s especially important because a substandard financial due diligence effort can increase the risks and diminish the value of any transaction.

A failure to uncover significant operating and financial performance drivers can put a deal and investors at risk. The RSM approach to financial due diligence considers not just the quality of earnings, but the underlying key business drivers, industry-based issues, and complex deal advisory matters—such as the working capital calculation and purchase agreement reviews—that propel them. 

On every engagement, you’ll work with an RSM client service coordinator dedicated to putting the right people in place and keeping your deal on track. Our experienced transaction advisory professionals analyze and validate financial, operational, and strategic assumptions to uncover opportunities and bring potential risks to light. No matter where your deal is happening, you’ve got one professional directly accountable to you who’s dedicated to getting your deal done right and done on time. Let us help you maximize the value of the transaction you’re considering.

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We normalize earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) by identifying items affecting valuation–like non-cash or nonrecurring transactions, timing errors, and pro forma adjustments—to understand your financial health.

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