Clinical trial expense management

A managed end-to-end solution across clinical trial finance, accounting and operations

An opportunity to optimize clinical trial expense management utilizing industry-leading technology

While supporting our life sciences clients, we’ve seen firsthand the challenges of managing clinical trial expenses. Our clients have said the process is:

  • A high-risk area for auditors
  • Manual, Excel-based and often lacks connections between finance and clinical operations
  • Challenging to forecast due to the uniqueness of clinical trials and inevitability of change orders

Informed by first-hand experience working with clinical research organizations and biopharmas, RSM’s clinical trial expense management solution merges our industry experience with optimized processes and advanced technology to alleviate complex back-office burdens, drive finance transformation and enable business success.

RSM can be your one-stop provider covering all phases of the life sciences company life cycle, from drug discovery to post-commercialization, offering technical accounting, management consulting, risk advisory and technology consulting.

RSM’s Clinical Trial Expense Management solution

RSM provides a comprehensive solution addressing all aspects and stakeholders of clinical trial expense management, including financial planning and analysis, clinical trial accounting, and clinical operations alignment.

A proven methodology for the transition of business processes

Our team follows a collaborative and phased approach, with ongoing two-way communication, to implement and optimize the clinical trial expense management solution and provide the client support needed to ensure a smooth service transition. 

Our methodology:

  • Enables human capital resources to be deployed on value-added initiatives 
  • Provides a defensible audit trail for management’s estimates
  • Streamlines an efficient and consistent clinical trial expense management solution across the enterprise
  • Allows you to grow and evolve at any speed due to the platform’s flexibility and scalability
  • Improves speed to close while providing better visibility into clinical spend


I could reduce my time to close by more than one week with a capable end-to-end solution.
Chief financial officer, at a middle market biopharma
Auditors consider clinical trial expense management to be the highest area of risk.
Vice president of finance and accounting, at a middle market biopharma

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