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Complex financial analysis and technical solutions to support your transactional and operational strategic objectives

Significant business decisions are increasingly driven by complex, rigorous financial analysis. Furthermore, these decisions involve situational complexity and are often made in compressed time frames. As such, they carry a heightened need for fluency in strategic finance and financial planning and analysis (FP&A).

Against the backdrop of ever-changing conditions in financial markets and the broader economy, the ability to detect and respond to economic challenges and opportunities is a key component in maximizing enterprise value.

RSM’s strategic finance and FP&A team draws on its extensive experience across investment banking, commercial banking, equity research, restructuring and turnaround advisory, and business valuation to provide your business with proven technology solutions and insights. They possess a deep technical skill set to meet your operational and transaction modeling needs, financial analysis, capital markets readiness efforts and FP&A process design and implementation. These skills are backed by national and international firm resources to help solve any technical accounting and industry-specific questions and challenges.

RSM utilizes an extensive suite of technology tools to augment its advisory and modeling efforts and robust databases supporting financial forecasting and benchmarking. Leveraging these resources provides you with up-to-date sector financial data and market research. 

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Strategic finance for business growth

As your business model evolves and adapts to address opportunities and challenges throughout the corporate life cycle, RSM’s strategic finance team provides technical assistance and advisory services to support your strategic objectives.

As business conditions shift, RSM helps you anticipate shifts in strategic priorities and positions your financial activities accordingly. This help ranges from capital formation efforts and evaluation of organic and inorganic growth initiatives in expansionary times to cost structure rationalization, return on invested capital (ROIC) optimization and increased operational visibility during times of economic contraction.

In addition, RSM helps management teams and key stakeholders improve processes, gain enhanced real-time visibility into overall business performance, and derive actionable insights related to strategic focus areas.  

Strategic finance and FP&A services to deliver quantified insights through custom analysis promoting the strategic and operational value 

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