Risk modelling software

Aggregate, evaluate and respond to risks in real time with DIVA, RSM’s revolutionary financial modelling tool

DIVA puts horsepower behind your financial modelling and risk management efforts

Today’s business environment keeps changing, evolving, moving faster. Market conditions demand middle market companies consider more risks, model a wider range of scenarios, study possible exposures and seek to quantify the connections between risks. The tasks are especially difficult for companies with several businesses, each with individual risk management systems. Yet despite the vast amount of executive and staff time that must be spent on the task, it’s too important not to get right.

That’s why RSM developed DIVA, our proprietary risk modelling software tool. DIVA lets you combine models across your businesses into a single, unified model that you can tailor to your own degree of complexity. You’ll find that DIVA easily adapts to new strategies and products and changing business and economic environments. It performs scenario analyses, sensitivity and reverse stress tests, and runs both economic and regulatory capital estimates within a single model, saving time and effort. 

RSM built DIVA to allow easy customization of risk models, so you can adapt efficiently to ever-more-complex regulatory requirements. It can assist your enterprise risk management (ERM) function in setting limits and thresholds for key risk indicators and risk appetite metrics, run batches of scenarios with one click and help simplify report production while increasing process efficiency.

Best of all, DIVA is easy to learn and easy to use. No deep programming experience is required to build and run models in DIVA, training is simple and RSM provides ongoing support. That’s why DIVA is the financial modelling and risk management tool designed expressly for middle market organizations. 

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