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In commerce, success is driven by customer experience. In fact, long before “customer experience” was a concept, Marshall Field, founder of the eponymous Chicago department store, said “Give the lady what she wants.” What customers want now, above all, is choice: where and how they shop, how they view products, how they decide among alternatives, how the product gets to them. Mr. Field would find satisfying customers today more difficult than before.

E-commerce has moved from being an alternate channel to, in many cases, the most important channel to connect with customers. Forward-thinking businesses are moving from a multichannel model to an omnichannel model, delivering cohesive, excellent service experiences regardless of how the customer engages. Of course, uniting e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, pop up, catalog and phone shoppers into one seamless experience takes back-end systems work in addition to the more glamourous customer-facing parts.

RSM can handle all of these aspects, “from concept to code” and all points in between. We combine deeply experienced technical consulting with the creativity and design resources of a digital agency. Our experience with hundreds of middle market companies gives us insights you won’t find elsewhere. Whether you are brand-driven, technology-driven, growth-driven or profitability-driven, RSM will craft an innovative, creative commerce solution to ensure that you remain customer-driven.

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