Data strategy and governance solutions

Extensive data governance and strategy assessments to uncover critical insights

An effective data strategy can elevate your business to new heights

All businesses collect vast amounts of data, but is your data helping your business reach its full potential? With its ability to provide sales and operations insights as well as consumer and competitive intelligence, your data holds the key to strengthening business strategies and increasing growth. But you first must have the right data strategy, data governance framework and business intelligence plan in place.

RSM US LLP’s data strategy and governance services leverage your existing information to help you reach your goals faster than you thought possible. Our skilled data analytics team understands where you are and where you want to go and interprets your key data to gather critical metrics that inspire ongoing success.

Data analytics is the engine of your business, but you must know where to look and what to target. Our team gives you that vital perspective and insight.

Our data strategy and governance services

We get to know you and your business and, through data and analytics, deliver a business intelligence strategy and data governance framework that show the art of the possible. 


In a matter of days (one to four), we gain a deeper understanding of your data and the current state of your business. Our team provides an analysis of your data governance maturity as well as a strategic plan to address any gaps.

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We engage with your business users to evaluate your current state and propose a future state to support your enterprise mission and vision. Within two to four months, we provide a holistic analysis of your data strategy or data governance maturity and a road map to address prioritization.  

Depending on the results of your data strategy project, our experienced team can provide additional related services, including:


We implement complex data-focused initiatives, resulting in centralized source-of-truth projects or other outcomes from prescribed data needs. Our team can implement people structures, processes and technology to establish, enforce and monitor data governance over data management activities and data management solutions. These projects typically last three to nine months.

Interim leadership

We collaborate closely with you to understand current critical leadership gaps. Our professionals can step into key leadership roles for three to nine months and beyond if necessary, enabling seamless strategic and operations continuity.

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