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Developing a comprehensive approach for responsible AI adoption

Artificial intelligence solutions have immense potential to improve your business, but risks can derail progress

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are rapidly evolving, and the potential for increased insight, productivity and collaboration cannot be ignored. But as organizations develop a strategy with the significant features and benefits in mind, responsible AI implementation and consideration of AI risks must also be a central part of the equation. 

RSM’s experienced AI risk professionals deliver comprehensive solutions to enable you to establish an effective AI governance program before you implement technology. AI governance is different than typical corporate, data or IT governance because it extends beyond people, process and technology and into additional ethical and data considerations. AI—and especially generative AI—solutions require guardrails and controls to ensure output is unbiased. AI processes should also align with business strategies and any necessary regulatory guidelines.

RSM’s proven AI Governance Framework guides our risk approach and how we work with clients. It is constantly evolving and incorporates critical elements from many best-practice frameworks to create an approach that is more comprehensive and encompasses more potential risks than utilizing a single framework. While extensive, the RSM framework is also adaptable, with the level of governance built to align with the level of risk your systems are exposed to.   

Leading resources

The RSM AI governance framework leverages key elements of several leading resources, including:

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • NIST AI Risk Management Framework
  • NIST Privacy Framework
  • EU Artificial Intelligence Act
  • Australian AI Ethics Framework
  • Microsoft Responsible AI Standard
  • Google Secure AI Framework
  • The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner 
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • Canada Associate General Counsel Directive on Automated Decision-Making Standard
  • OECD Principles on Artificial Intelligence

Our AI policy and governance services include:

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