Restructuring & recovery

Silicon Knights Inc.

Toronto, May 16, 2014 – On May 16, 2014, Silicon Knights Inc. filed for bankruptcy and a Certificate of Appointment was issued by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, with a Trustee in Bankruptcy being appointed.

A copy of the Certificate of Appointment is posted below and other pertinent information will be posted below as they become available.

A Notice of Bankruptcy and First Meeting of Creditors with a Proof of Claim form will be mailed to known creditors of the Bankrupt.  Copies of these documents and other information in these proceedings will be posted on this site as they become available.

Should you require additional information please contact Brenda Wong at 647-727-3621 or brenda.wong@rsmcanada.com.  We will try our best to respond to your enquiry within two business days.

Certificate of Appointment
Notice of Bankruptcy
Proof of Claim form
Trustee's Preliminary Report to the Creditors dated June 5, 2014 
Notice of Final Dividend and Application for Discharge of Trustee
Trustee's Discharge Order dated June 7, 2016