Post-merger integration

From early-stage evaluation and pre-acquisition planning through post-acquisition optimization, RSM’s experience helps anticipate issues and provide solutions across the life cycle of a merger transaction.

Maximize transaction value through superior integration

All too often, mergers that make great business and financial sense on paper deliver lackluster results because they were poorly planned and executed. This failure to plan undercuts the opportunity for financial, human capital, operational and technology optimization. Planning for post-merger integrations is complex and very few middle market organizations have the internal resources or experience to do it successfully. To maximize the value of their transactions, they seek an advisor that understands the challenges they face and can provide guidance throughout the transaction life cycle.

At RSM, our many years of experience working with middle market companies gives us the collective knowledge and experience to maximize deal value for both transition services agreement (TSA) and synergy management. We’re able to anticipate issues and provide solutions for the complete range of transaction activities, including

  • Early-stage synergy evaluation: reviewing the deal thesis to provide early council on aligning your acquisition for maximum value and results.
  • Pre-acquisition planning: taking a close, real-world look at the cultural, organizational, financial, operational and technical aspects of each organization, respectively.
  • Deal thesis to synergy planning: addressing synergy targets and capturing intended value by focusing on those objectives, taking planned action and working the roadblocks.
  • TSA exit planning: starting with the end in view to minimize ongoing costs and transition to normal operations.
  • Post-acquisition and optimization services: employing methodology with the necessary steps, tools and accelerators to help business leaders organize and develop an integration road map that supports their “Day One” and business continuity needs.

Clients depend on RSM’s mergers and acquisitions consulting team to focus on those critical value capture items and to offset risks with sound advice and detailed planning.;

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