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Provincial sales and consumption tax compliance are challenges for many Canadian businesses. While most organizations are familiar with federal sales taxes, some of the biggest burdens companies face are figuring which providences levy non-resident companies and which require registration. Without an experienced tax staff, your business may be under- or over reporting taxes, creating compliance issues. 

Our Canadian tax professionals can help your company manage its sales tax compliance. Through our indirect tax process review, we can evaluate tax payments for a host of federal and provincial taxes and give you assurance taxes have been properly paid. We help monitor for:

  • Goods and services tax (GST)
  • Harmonized sales tax (HST)
  • Provincial sales tax (PST)
  • Quebec sales tax (QST)
  • Registration of non-resident taxes for GST/HST and QST
  • Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia consumption tax PST
  • GST claim back/tax credits

Our indirect tax practice supports you through the entire tax life cycle with a host of comprehensive services including:

  • Indirect tax process review
  • Reverse indirect tax audit (recovery)
  • Indirect tax audit defense support
  • Indirect tax automation
  • Outsourcing of your indirect tax compliance function
  • Nexus evaluation and management

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View our comprehensive commentary on annual federal and provincial post-budget perspectives to learn how these actions will impact the economy and the middle market.

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