Program and project management services

We’re dedicated to getting the details right. Our consultants will collaborate with you to ensure projects and programs stay on track, aligned with your business objectives and strategy.

At RSM, we don’t do “one size fits all.” We’re dedicated to understanding your organization so that we can be truly effective at managing your program or project. In our experience, it’s when we’ve gained this understanding—from capabilities to culture and more—that we can custom-fit a scalable methodology to your exact business needs and project objectives.

To accelerate progress and ensure consistency, we use automated templates, tools and processes adjusted to the specific goals of your program or project. These professional services automation (PSA) tools are highly scalable, and we’ve used them to successfully manage projects from the very basic to the most complex.

Program and project management components

A look at what we mean when we reference these terms.

Learn more about program and project management, plus why establishing a project management office (PMO) can strengthen project controls and accelerate success.

Program and project management insights

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