IT spend optimization assessment

Optimize IT for business success with RSM's Rapid Assessment®

More than ever, companies are striving to take advantage of the value that technology creates. However, businesses burdened with antiquated technology often struggle to convert their systems to high-tech solutions that create efficiency and improve performance.

RSM’s IT cost optimization Rapid Assessment is a diagnostic tool that pinpoints critical IT initiatives that enhance business performance. The assessment helps companies position their IT operations to drive their strategy.

The assessment is tailored to a company’s specific needs and adheres to the following procedure:

Initiation. Key stakeholders align objectives, activities and participants. This alignment establishes the goals, schedule and strategy for the project.

Discovery. RSM gains a 360-degree view of the company’s IT processes, infrastructure and system requirements through interviews with key IT personnel, reviews of organizational models, benchmarking data collection and examining other vital documentation.

Analysis. RSM professionals meticulously analyze collected data against industry best practices, benchmarking data and survey results. We identify risks and opportunities, evaluate organizational design against best practices, and assess technology within key operational processes.

Road map. The comprehensive assessment presents observations, findings, strategic sourcing alternatives, IT risk evaluation, key reengineering opportunities and other crucial concepts. This road map outlines timelines, major milestones, investment estimates and resources.

Outcomes. The assessment provides actionable recommendations, including investment and timeline estimates, strategic technology recommendations and a high-level quantification of costs for short- and long-term solutions.

RSM’s IT cost optimization Rapid Assessment provides a holistic review across the IT organization or a deeper analysis of specific functional areas. This review helps optimize the company’s projects, assets, workforce and vendor relationships. The assessment offers a meaningful evaluation that helps guide company leaders as they strive to enhance people relationships, processes, technology and data through innovative IT strategies.

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