Area of Focus
Artificial intelligence Cybersecurity consulting

Allison Gay

Manager, Security and Privacy Risk Consulting
Area of Focus
Artificial intelligence Cybersecurity consulting

About Allison

Allison Gay is a seasoned leader in the security and privacy risk consulting practice at RSM US LLP, boasting a rich career spanning more than 20 years. With a primary focus on privacy, she holds a deep understanding of emerging threats and state-of-the-art solutions. Allison is dedicated to equipping organizations with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the intricate landscape of privacy and data protection.


Allison began her professional journey as a software developer, and quickly immersed herself in the ever-evolving world of digital security. Her early roles in privacy compliance laid the foundation for her progression into leadership roles, where she refined her skills in developing and implementing robust privacy frameworks.

With a profound comprehension of global privacy regulations and data protection best practices, Allison has been instrumental in steering successful privacy and data protection initiatives for both multinational corporations and burgeoning startups alike. Her fascination with innovation and technical intricacies led her to explore the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and privacy, propelling her to the forefront of AI governance.

As a visionary in the field, Allison’s insights into the nexus of AI and privacy have proven invaluable for organizations grappling with the ethical and legal dimensions of AI technologies. She embodies a client-centric ethos and an unwavering commitment to excellence that positions her as a trusted advisor in the increasingly complex domain of data protection, privacy and AI governance.

Professional affiliations and designations

  • Certified information privacy professional (CIPP)


  • Bachelor of Arts, business administration with a concentration in legal studies, Strayer University