Is your construction company prepared for a digital transformation?


Technology isn’t slowing down, and the construction jobsite is going to become increasingly digital whether construction companies are ready for it or not.

The construction industry overall has been rather slow to adopt new technology. In fact, more than half of construction managers spend two per cent or less of their revenue on IT, and less than half have a dedicated IT staff.

As competition increases, however, it will be essential for these companies to provide greater value to their clients by adopting these new technologies. Otherwise, they will find it increasingly difficult to stay viable.

There are steps construction managers can take to move their companies toward a digital transformation — and a competitive advantage.

Access the e-book

This e-book explores the challenges and opportunities that jobsite technology presents, including:

  • Putting the right leadership in place
  • Ensuring technology is consistent
  • Creating an application road map
  • Implementing mobile enablement
  • Embracing the cloud
  • Leveraging the data

Plus, the e-book includes a brief glossary defining some popular new technologies.

Understanding and implementing new technology is not always easy. But if construction companies put in the time and effort to implement the right systems, they can realize greater accuracy, communication and profitability with strategic use of the digital tools available to them.

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