Coronavirus webcast series: April 3, 2020

Economic updates, liquidity, transfer pricing & i-tax considerations


Insight during uncertainty: Week 3

(09:07) What does an economic recovery look like in the wake of COVID-19? Alex Kotsopoulos offers his take on whether it will be 'L-shaped' or 'U-shaped'. 

Liquidity considerations

(04:38) Hear Michael Joseph, senior manager, mergers and acquisitions, discuss tactics to alleviate liquidity challenges and find cash flow sources during this financial unstable time. 

Global mobility tax considerations

(02:49) With restrictions on international travel, Canadian companies with employees in foreign countries and vice versa should be prepared for these unplanned tax obligations. 

Indirect tax services

(05:59) Rob Dew, partner, provides an overview of the current status of indirect sales taxes in Canada and the resulting opportunities for generating much needed cash flow. 

Transfer pricing considerations

(03:18) Learn about managing a global effective tax rate, credit rating analysis and other transfer pricing considerations to be mindful of during COVID-19. 

Trade advisory services

(04:26) Canadian importers and exporters will learn about the ways to ensure compliance in this uncertain climate while also achieving cost mitigation.