Shenzhen Puyin Blockchain working with our firm on a digital asset fund


Shenzhen Puyin Block Chain Co., Ltd. (PBG) and its affiliate Guiyang Blockchain Financial Co., Ltd  (GBF) has engaged the firm to structure a digital asset fund, focused on the market opportunity and commercial applications of blockchain technology. The fund will delve into the enormous potential of digitized assets that utilize blockchain encryption to distribute the asset’s value through the internet.

In May 2017, a digital token with an underlying real estate asset, an RET, was launched through GBF’s technology platform, ACCHAIN, and has since piqued the curiosity of the markets across the globe. The current RET offering, Sendera Ranch, is a $655-million residential development project of Serene Country Homes in one of the hottest housing markets in the U.S., Dallas-Fort Worth. Once formed, the digital asset fund will invest and trade in assets such as the RET to provide qualified investors with enhanced diversification and greater security. Investors of the fund will also have access to relevant and transactional data as all information is recorded through blockchain. 

Our firm, on behalf of PBG and GBF, is exploring this opportunity with various fund managers, institutional capital managers and investment firms. The creation of such fund further underscores the growing impact of blockchain technology in the financial services industry. Blockchain, first conceptualized in 2008, has been at the centre of conversation in the industry with several observers anticipating the technology to reshape the finance industry in the next few years, drawing parallels to the way internet has changed the media industry. The growing number of commercial applications such as digital assets and hybrid funds would certainly increase the acceptance of the technology and widen its appeal.

About PBG and GBF

PBG represents one of the first China-based blockchain promoting agencies combining standard economic systems with the blockchain technology, and also establishing standards to create, market and trade digitally-backed assets, also known as Tokens and other digital cryptocurrencies currencies.

Assets Collection Chain (ACCHAIN) is an open global community and a decentralized asset digitization platform and tool created by GBF, an affiliate of PBG, in order to further develop their blockchain technology and ecosystem development.

* At the time of this news release, RSM Canada was a member of a predecessor firm.