Strategic portfolio management: The solution you’ve been missing

Aligning work to business outcomes to drive more business value—and do it faster

Oct 27, 2022

Key takeaways

ServiceNow’s SPM empowers organizations to align business strategy with day-to-day work.

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With SPM, planners can select, prioritize and schedule the right work at the right time.

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This ServiceNow solution enables true agility and drives strategic business outcomes.

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Today’s business leaders need to plan continuously and adapt quickly to emerging threats and opportunities. This is commonly the promise of digital transformation—but in many cases, technology investments aren’t living up to that promise. 

ServiceNow’s strategic portfolio management solution is a set of philosophies, capabilities and processes—supported by integrated technologies—that empowers your organization to drive business outcomes by continually aligning your strategy and day-to-day work. With SPM, you can fund what matters most, build a road map to guide investments, communicate plans and see work in the context of strategic initiatives—even across diverse teams, methodologies and approaches. 

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