Understanding headless adoption trends in Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C

Feb 12, 2024

Key takeaways

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Online retailers face pivotal technology choices as they seek to acquire and retain customers

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Our research shows that businesses across many industries are moving toward headless technology

In many cases, companies can benefit from external advice to make informed e-commerce decisions 

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In today’s competitive e-commerce world, online retailers constantly face technology choices in an effort to attract and retain customers. Within Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C, companies have multiple options to build an engaging e-commerce experience that aims to build trust and loyalty.

Our new e-book "Understanding headless adoption trends in Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C" delivers a valuable analysis of the drivers that are shaping the future of e-commerce. Our research takes a deep dive into the adoption of headless technology within SFCC B2C, examining its transformative influence on e-commerce strategies. Inside the e-book, you can:

  • Learn how headless architecture enhances agility, customization and integration possibilities, revolutionizing the way online retailers operate
  • Explore the evolution of SFCC storefront accelerators, gaining a comprehensive understanding of technological advancements driving e-commerce forward
  • Uncover key industry trends and adoption patterns across regions and company sizes
  • Examine the risks and rewards of upgrading to headless commerce, and discover strategies for mitigating risks through hybrid upgrades

In addition, learn how you can benefit from external advice to make informed decisions about your e-commerce platform, including how RSM can align SFCC to enhance your brand and business.

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