Overcome challenges during the drug development cycle

Mar 28, 2024
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Enhancing efficiency for biopharma companies

Biopharma companies face myriad challenges during the drug development process, so the right technology is essential to move new therapeutics from discovery and development to commercialization with as few roadblocks as possible. Replacing outdated legacy processes at all stages of the drug development process can ensure life sciences companies adhere to timelines and budgets, improving speed to market.

This playbook explores how implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to capture data, track spending, improve communication, address bottlenecks and reduce risks accelerates the drug development process. It will show how a cloud-based ERP can help biopharma companies:

  • Manage business complexities during discovery and development
  • Create a road map for the clinical research phase
  • Achieve seamless crossover between clinical operations and the finance department
  • Assist with Food and Drug Administration review and compliance
  • Navigate transition from drug development to launch
  • Continually monitor data and metrics to ensure commercial success

"Even relatively simple organizations have a lot of different data sources and different data processing tools, and making sure that you’ve got appropriate controls over them as you grow becomes a bigger risk and bigger task. The back office needs support as life sciences companies grow and become more sophisticated."
Steve Kemler, Principal, life sciences senior analyst, RSM US LLP

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