The Y in Central Maryland’s decision to bring in Dayforce support pays off

RSM guides community nonprofit through complex Dayforce implementation

Dec 18, 2023

Since 1853, The Y in Central Maryland has focused on developing the full potential of every individual by providing programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. When the venerable Baltimore-based nonprofit with over 3,000 employees serving over 350,000 Marylanders set their sights on transforming their human resources function, they had a solution in mind but still hadn’t settled on an implementation plan.  

The Y in Central Maryland chose to invest in the award-winning Dayforce cloud human capital management (HCM) platform. With a workforce that ebbs and grows seasonally and a complex web of centers in multiple locations, the team worried about steering the implementation process to get the desired results. Plus, the team was divided on whether it was worth the investment to hire consultants.

The pivotal decision

They heard from other organizations that getting system implementations right on the first try is critical. Realizing the experienced guidance would be worth the expense, the team at the Y did their research and chose RSM US LLP to support their Dayforce implementation.

While setting up the foundation, they knew they’d made the right choice. “They spent full days with us going through and mapping out our organization and how to get it set up,” says Susan Maldonado, financial reporting manager at The Y in Central Maryland. “I believe it would have been a lot more complicated and overwhelming to try and document and map out all of our different processes in a way that a software implementation team could understand to design the system. It was helpful to have [RSM] in the middle to understand our different lines of business and then communicate in a way that made it useful for the Dayforce people to understand.”

[RSM] was a great [provider] in our decision to move forward with Dayforce. They were able to bring knowledge to my team of how the software worked and hints and ideas on implementing that saved time. I saw them as an extension of our team. I have already recommended and will continue to recommend them.
Sherrie Rovnan, Chief financial and administrative officer, The Y in Central Maryland

A winning implementation experience for The Y

The RSM team spent time upfront to understand The Y’s operations and needs, which was central to the Dayforce project’s success.

“They got to know us; they really took the time to learn about The Y and how we were structured,” says Lynn Carrico, director of human resources (HR) technology at The Y. “[RSM] was right there when something came up, and we were able to address it right away.”

After a seamless transition to the Dayforce HCM platform and an elevated human resources strategy now in place, even those initially skeptical about bringing in consultants have changed their tune and recognized the value of an experienced helping hand. 

“Even the people who didn’t want to, they all at the end would say that [hiring RSM] was the right decision and the best money we spent,” says Sherrie Rovnan, chief financial and administrative officer at The Y in Central Maryland.

On May 1, 2023, RSM US LLP acquired the equity of Wise Consulting Associates, Inc. Wise Consulting completed its transition to RSM on Dec. 4, 2023, retiring the Wise Consulting brand and aligning with RSM’s brand, operations and systems.

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